Top tips on selling your office

The overall condition, location, availability of schools and public transportation are most essential factors when pricing a particular office.

However, it is the first impression that stays with the potential buyer final decision. Usually, the general vision about an office is formed at the very first moment when the buyer steps in, so it is important to make sure the office is tidy, neat and clean.

Offices that are located nearby to transport hubs, have their own parking and located in an attractive area are ones that are most likely to sell first.

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Read these tips and use them:

  • Even before calling the real estate agency to put your property on the market, you have to fully de-clutter it. Clutter harms the spirit of the office, making it appear smaller than it actually is. Having in mind that, take away all possessions stacked around the corners and keep them in storage until the time comes for you to use them. Find out about de-cluttering.
  • Since the room size is an important factor for the willingness of a potential buyer to choose a particular property, consider moving away any big pieces of furniture too. In that way, you will make the rooms look much more spacious.
  • Make sure that the building has a pleasant smell when buyers come to take a look at it. Smell is an important sense and on purely instinctive level people would not want to live in an office that is haunted by bad odours.
  • Clean everything to perfection. Hire an office cleaning agency and get them to deep clean everything. Carpets, desks and kitchen areas are where the cleaners should focus most of their efforts as these are high traffic areas and is where most bacteria will live.
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