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Welcome to the Property and Housing Services website. We aim to provide critical information for residents and prospective residents in order to help them solve all their housing and property issues.
In the UK first time buyers now make up less than a quarter of home buyers, at 22 percent. The number of first-time buyers dropping below one-quarter of all potential buyers is a major worry for the housing market.

In a healthy market, the number of first-time purchasers would be around 40 percent of all potential buyers, which is close to twice as many as recent levels. These first-time buyers are vital to the health of the overall market because they help to complete buying chains and inject some fluidity into the property market.

For first time buyers who need help on purchasing a property whether they want to then sell it or rent it, it would be useful to first get in touch with a buyer’s agent and ask for help on how to purchase a property.

We suggest that you take your time when looking for a buyer’s agent company and choose carefully as they will be searching, evaluating and negotiating on your behalf. PK Property is a company we recommend. They range of tailored services for buyers of all types and budgets. Get in touch with them to find out more here: enquiries@pkproperty.com.au

These numbers will increase government worries about the lack of first-time purchasers, and it is clear that for the benefit of not just the housing market but also for the national economy, this problem needs to be resolved.

The core issue is that house prices are still too high. Getting first-time purchasers to commit to big mortgages now is making the most of their vulnerable financial state.

People can often end up in financial difficulty as a result, and this is where we come in, with information and support for all.
With high unemployment, pay-freezes and redundancies, potential rate rises in the future, and ever tighter lending criteria, it is little wonder that more first time purchasers are renting long-term, or facing real problems.

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