House clearance fly-tipping in Oldham

fly tipping

House clearance fly-tipping in Oldham a concern, Liberal Democrats claim

It has come to the attention of the Oldham council that there has been a recent rise in fly-tipping of rubbish and household clearances within the borough with the call on effective measures to crack down on removing this problem as soon as possible.

Oldham county council have described this concern as ‘consistent’ and a growing ‘damage’ to the reputation of the area with locals becoming frequently frustrated.

Environmental officers have growing apprehension due to the scale and damage that this is causing to locals.

fly tipping

Rubbish left in Oldham

Oldham Council has identified that ‘criminal gangs’ are the cause of this problem, taking advantage of isolated spots in which to dump their waste leaving local residents suffering as a consequence.

Oldham has previously come under fire during the pandemic, however, it wasn’t addressed properly.

Experts have said to believe the steady rise in fly-tipping since 2012 based on councils having to slash waste services due to substantial budget cuts leading to the problem running out of control.

The council have been hit with various complaints from residents who have identified the waste. There have been reports of the discovery of bags containing hazardous waste, commercial freezers and sofas amongst the waste.

How you can help

Oldham Council has urged residents to be responsible for disposing of their waste and is supportive of making Oldham cleaner.

If you are struggling to facilitate rubbish within your household, get in contact with a local waste disposal company that is there to help with rubbish clearance Oldham and to help keep your neighbourhood clean. Find more here.

What’s being done?

Oldham Council has been quick to visit these spots and have them arranged to be removed by specialists, however, have claimed that due to high demand they cannot be everywhere at once as they look to place more resources around to help tackle the problem.

They strongly advise residents to report any sort of fly-tipping or illegal dumping as soon as possible so action can be taken effectively.

Over the last 12 months, the Council have issued nearly 350 waste offences and have cracked down on prosecuting 47 individuals caught for various fly-tipping offences.

It is set for fines and legislations to rise for those who choose still dump their rubbish is a leap to crack down on these offences.

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